#Haiti Relief Organisations- How YOU Can Help

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South Africans have seen the devastation in Haiti, it is televised daily, with regular news updates. At this time, people are starving, supplies are at a minimum, desperation is written on everyone’s faces. The descriptions given to us by some of the SA S&R Teams that have returned to SA are grim, heartbreaking; that of children having to have limbs amputated with the bare minimum of medication; makeshift hospitals resembling something from a Vietnam movie; exhausted, but determined relief workers pushing themselves to the limit, working against the clock to try and make a dent in providing the essential medical treatment and basic supplies for survival.

While we in South Africa are feeling the worldwide recession, possibly more so than many other countries, due largely to the high incidence of mismanagement, crime and corruption within our governments and municipalities, a small donation of R30 (US$5) made by one million people will go a very long way to providing some assistance, and making a difference, possibly between life and death. South Africa has recently topped the 5 million mark in internet users. Imagine if every one of those who could, DID, contribute via the internet – NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL OR INSIGNIFICANT!


Donations can be made to the following organisations:

Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference Project Caritas, Appeal for Haiti
Project Caritas, Nedbank
Account Number 1604750693,
Branch Code 160445
Donations should be marked “Haiti”.

The South African Red Cross Society
Standard Bank, Thibault Square
Account Number 070822808
Branch Code 020909
Online donations can be made at http://www.redcross.org

Gift of the Givers

I HIGHLY recommend this independent Humanitarian Organisation (NGO), I know the organisation well, being from the local community, and being manned by private individuals, securing sponsorships and donations for hundreds of different causes, including alleviating poverty in the surrounding areas. A number of Highly Esteemed Professionals, some of whom are known to me personally, continuously selflessly give of their time, resources and expertise. They were the first team to be deployed from South Africa, at a time when the SA Government stated they were not in a position to assist with Relief Aid. Without hesitation, upon hearing of the disaster, GOTG immediately set about making arrangements to send professional medical personnel, relief supplies etc to Haiti. GOTG sent 42 Volunteers to Haiti, returned to SA on 23 January 2010, after the Search & Rescue had been officially called off. A truly GREAT Organisation.

Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg
Account Number 052137228
Branch Code 057525

Doctors Without Borders / Mèdecins sans Frontièrs South Africa
Nedbank, Parktown
Account Number 1944209425
Branch Code 194405

Please use your cellphone number as a reference and fax your deposit slip with your details to (011) 403-44443.

Donate R30 by SMSing your name to 42114

Donate online to www.msf.org.za

Donate online to Unicef at www.unicef.org/southafrica/

Donate to World Vision
First National Bank, Florida
Account Number 51231026802
Branch Code 250141
Please use the numbers 978 and your contact number in the reference field.

Donate Online to Mercy Ships at http://www.mercyships.org/HaitiRelief

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Author Cheryl Howard – Donate a Book, Proceeds 2 Global Warming & Fire Prevention

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I received a beautiful email from a lovely soul, Cheryl Howard, and would love to help spread her message, an important one for parents, educators and children the world over:

Sharing the news from Author Cheryl L. Howard;

I do a great deal of charity work and this year I am asking those that can to make a book donation to their hometown grade school, church school, or their children’s grade school. The proceeds from my books will mostly go toward global warming research and wild fire prevention research.

Duster Dustbunny and Mikhael the Mighty are now available, at strategic publishing group. Duster Dustbunny is two books in one and is the only book in the world that effectively teaches the spelling of the days of the week and the months of the year and Mikhael the Mighty teaches you to be true to who you are deep in your heart.

The beautifully illustrated new children’s classic Mikhael the Mighty records the exploits of a heroic knight.

Mikhael dreams of a princess in need of rescuing, so he sets off with his faithful mare to rescue the damsel in distress. Along the way, they come upon a magical pond, where Mikhael offers his mare a drink. But the moment the mare drinks the magical water, she becomes what she truly is deep in her heart, a beautiful baby unicorn with the ability to speak!

Mikhael the Mighty and his unicorn, Rosy, continue on their quest. They travel through a forest where danger lurks at every turn. Beware the evil magician, the fearsome dragon and other surprises, all designed to test the brave knight’s courage.

This wonderful children’s adventure will become a favorite in your family. And, you will discover if Mikhael is successful in saving the princess.

How Do You Spell F-U-N?

Learning to spell the days of the week and the months of the year is fun with Duster Dustbunny!

This dusty little rabbit likes to fly his kite, play soccer and go fishing for pond lilies, but what he loves to do best is help children learn the days of the week and the months of the year.

With its charming illustrations and a fun spelling teaching style, Duster Dustbunny makes learning these hard to spell but commonly used words a snap!

About the Author


Author Cheryl L. Howard was born in Fresno, California, and now lives in Texas. She is working on several writing projects through Strategic Book Group, including Twilight Sun, It’s Turtle Time and My Little Teddy Buddy, and has recently completed Howard_cheryl







Bedtime Sagas – Featured #Author Cavin Wright, published by SBG, NY

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<p><a href="http://www.eloquentbooks.com/BedtimeSagas.html&quot; mce_href="http://www.eloquentbooks.com/BedtimeSagas.html">Bedtime Sagas – Cavin Wright</a>.</p>

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After Hours: Adventures of an International Businessman – #Author Gene Myers

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Author Gene Myers shares the sometimes hilarious, sometimes dangerous and all too often unexpected adventures he experiences off the clock as an international businessman.

Here are the most memorable, unusual and downright baffling stories you will ever hear from anyone returning from a business trip overseas. Find out why Gene risked his career to play basketball in Mexico, or what it was like being held captive in Iraq during a business visit. He’ll tell you about his unforgettable year living in Saudi Arabia and relive his experience of being “held up” in the Netherlands by two six-year olds!

This, and so much more, is part of what happens after hours in the unexpectedly exciting and hilarious life of an international businessman. Who knew international business could be so adventurous?

Hard Cover – 6×9 – 172 pages – $23.75

ISBN: 978-1-60860-074-8

About the Author

Gene Myers is an executive for a New York company. After Hours: Adventures of an International Businessman is his third published book. Gene is a fitness nut and, when not away on business, can be found training for his next triathlon. He and his wife, Kay, currently reside in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Down Syndrome – Raising A Child Like Kimmy – Judith E. Mathewson

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More than a book about a special needs child, this is a story about strength, perseverance, and the unconditional love between a mother and her children. That love brings a joy to both parent and child that is unparalleled.

When Judith Mathewson found out that her premature daughter had Down syndrome, she felt it was an unexpected blessing from God. Though weak and frail, mentally challenged and physically handicapped, Kimmy’s loving smiles and trusting nature brought more into other people’s lives than they could have ever imagined.

Judy shares her inspiring and heartwarming story of raising three young children while suffering the physical and mental abuse of her former husband. Loving each child equally and nurturing them individually set a perfect example for her daughters, Suzanne Miller and Tamara Keene, who played an instrumental part in teaching and assisting Kimmy in the everyday ways of life. Kimmy’s story can teach everyone how to love and give to others unconditionally.

About the Author

Judith E. Mathewson grew up in Alpena, Michigan. Through her writings, Judy hopes to reach out to parents of special needs children, providing resources, encouragement, and above all, a sense of hope. She retired after 27 years from a financial and investment services company that she co-owned and now lives with Kimmy in South Carolina.

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Soft Cover – 5.5×8.5 – 82 pages – $14.95

ISBN: 978-1-60860-193-6

The Power of Prayer: A Science Educator’s Experience, by #Author Dr. Dana M. Barry , Published by Strategic Book Gro up, NY

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Dr. Dana M. Barry writes an inspirational book, The Power of Prayer: A Science Educator’s Experience, about how prayer can and does make an enormous difference in every aspect of a human being; the mind, the body, and the spirit. She dedicates this book to everyone on the journey of life. Dr. Barry, a scientist and an educator, is a spiritually strong woman who believes in the power of prayer. Through her work and study, she follows logic, proof and fact. However, her faith and prayer are endless and extraordinary. Barry presents amazing examples of unique and astonishing responses to prayer. Citing references from the Bible, the Saints and Mother Teresa, her book is an enlightening and beautiful rendering of her own personal, spiritual journey. Read what people are saying about The Power of Prayer: A Science Educator’s Experience:“In her most recent book, The Power of Prayer: A Science Educator’s Experience, Dr. Barry draws on her professional experience and reflection on her unique personal religious experiences to provide the reader with an inspiring message about the power of prayer. The telling of the story of her faith journey encourages the reader to find God in the routine of life and know that the Lord has a plan for each of us.” Rev. Terry R. LaValley, J.C.L., Rector, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Ogdensburg, NY Dana’s “spiritual side” is what gives her life purpose, joy, and meaning. After reading, you too will be inspired to begin your own journey, embrace the healing and wondrous power of prayer, and believe in the eternal love of God. About the Author Dana M. Barry, Ph.D. is the senior technical writer and editor at Clarkson University’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing and scientific board president for Ansted University. Dr. Barry is also a chemist and has served as a visiting professor overseas. She is a member of St. Mary’s Parish and lives in Canton, New York. Soft Cover – 5.5×8.5 – 70 pages – $9.99 ISBN: 978-1-60860-748-8ISBN / SKU: 1-60860-748-8 You do not have to have a Paypal account to purchase this book. You may use any credit card. The link to use your credit card is on the left of the Paypal Buy page that you will see when you click on this button. You may either use Paypal or a normal credit card.

The Bermuda Triangle Diet, by #Author Derek Alessi, Ph.D., Published by Strategic Book Group, NY, #SBG

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Swimsuit season has come to an end and your yellow polka-a-dot bikini is still in the back corner of your closet with the price tag still intact! Are you sick and tired of trying diet after diet only to resort to old patterns of habits and eating? Have you ever joined a gym or purchased expensive exercise equipment that promised rapid weight loss only to find that they did not do what they touted they would? The Bermuda Triangle Diet is a revolutionary guidebook that will change your life and set you on the road to losing weight, getting fit, and making it permanent. Writer and health and fitness expert Derek Alessi, Ph.D., takes the guesswork out of becoming fit. You’ll find out what the fitness industry is not telling you and you’ll be shocked at how they prey upon the emotions of the consumer to sell their products, pills, and plans. Alessi writes a step-by-step, proven, scientifically-based book on how easy it to get in shape and stay that way. Through the use of comical pop culture stories, he’ll show you how you are being deceived by the billion dollar fitness industry. He’ll teach you how to take control of your own fitness by learning the proper techniques of exercise and incorporating nutritious eating (including pizza and cookies!) into your diet. You will rev up your metabolism and have the body and health you’ve always dreamed of—once and for all! So keep your swimsuit in your closet, but leave the tags on; chances are you will need a smaller size come next summer after you indulge in The Bermuda Triangle Diet. About the Author Derek Alessi, Ph.D., has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years. He owns a personal training and nutrition business that counsels children and adults. Dr. Alessi has been nominated to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports and published The Promise in 2002 and Lose Fat Forever in 2003. He has a fitness program that is aired on local television and has branched into national media, internet, and seminars to provide sound information on eliminating obesity. He lives with his family in Clarence, New York. Hard Cover – 6×9 – 340 pages – $29.50 ISBN: 978-1-60693-698-6ISBN / SKU: 1-60693-698-0