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Down Syndrome – Raising A Child Like Kimmy – Judith E. Mathewson

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More than a book about a special needs child, this is a story about strength, perseverance, and the unconditional love between a mother and her children. That love brings a joy to both parent and child that is unparalleled.

When Judith Mathewson found out that her premature daughter had Down syndrome, she felt it was an unexpected blessing from God. Though weak and frail, mentally challenged and physically handicapped, Kimmy’s loving smiles and trusting nature brought more into other people’s lives than they could have ever imagined.

Judy shares her inspiring and heartwarming story of raising three young children while suffering the physical and mental abuse of her former husband. Loving each child equally and nurturing them individually set a perfect example for her daughters, Suzanne Miller and Tamara Keene, who played an instrumental part in teaching and assisting Kimmy in the everyday ways of life. Kimmy’s story can teach everyone how to love and give to others unconditionally.

About the Author

Judith E. Mathewson grew up in Alpena, Michigan. Through her writings, Judy hopes to reach out to parents of special needs children, providing resources, encouragement, and above all, a sense of hope. She retired after 27 years from a financial and investment services company that she co-owned and now lives with Kimmy in South Carolina.

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Soft Cover – 5.5×8.5 – 82 pages – $14.95

ISBN: 978-1-60860-193-6


GENESIS: True life -The Bullet was Meant for Me, D.C. Sniper Story Untold – #author Isa Farrington-Nichols

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Controversial? Probably – Very Likely.. a MUST READ

Read the true story of where the murder spree of the DC Snipers began.


via GENESIS: The Bullet was Meant for Me, D.C. Sniper Story Untold – Isa Farrington-Nichols.

In October 2002, the people who lived in and around Washington, DC feared for their lives every time they left home. Now, read the true story of where the murder spree of the DC Snipers began.

When John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo murdered 21-year-old Keenya Cook in Tacoma, Washington in early 2002, author Isa Farrington-Nichols found herself very close to this dangerous murderer. Not only was she Keenya’s aunt, but she had also been John and Mildred’s accountant and had later assisted his ex-wife in a custody battle for their children. When Muhammad’s picture appeared on the news along with that of Lee Boyd Malvo as the DC Snipers, the clues to Keenya’s murder began falling into place.

“…Sensational, riveting, thought-provoking, and power-filled, this book answers many questions still uncovered about the DC Snipers. Isa Nichols’ story holds the key to the inner workings of the murderous web of terror created by John Muhammad and John Lee Malvo…She shows her strength, courage and tremendous faith as she walks the lonely road towards her recovery from murder, betrayal isolation, lies, fear, intimidation, blame, and sorrow…It is through this story that you can find her truth and search within for yours.”

-Valerie A. Yarborough, Author, Angel with a Broken Wing: My Journey into Healing

About the Author

Author Isa Farrington-Nichols is the founder and CEO of Innovative Sound Advice, LLC. She is also the founder of the Jireh-Shalom Foundation, providing resources for children, families, and communities in domestic violence intervention and prevention. Jireh and Shalom are Hebrew words meaning provision and peace. She is the Executive Director of the Maxine Mimms Academies, which provides educational services for suspended and expelled students and returning them back to public school, a cause she championed after her traumatized 15-year-old daughter was suspended because she could not handle the trauma from the pain of this tragedy. Farrington-Nichols has two daughters, a son-in-law, and three granddaughters and lives in Tacoma, Washington.

Please visit Isa’s personal website Genesis D.C. Sniper.

Hard Cover – 6×9 – 192 pages – $25.50

ISBN: 978-1-93492-548-5
ISBN / SKU: 1-93492-548-9

How to be a Happy Single Mother – #Author Orit Sutton, published by SBG, NY

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via How to be a Happy Single Mother – Orit Sutton.

Author Orit Sutton writes about the joys and challenges of single motherhood in this poignant and inspirational guide.

In How to be a Happy Single Mother, author Orit Sutton shares heartfelt wisdom with other single moms. She guides her readers toward coping more easily with the challenges of raising a child in a one-parent home. Orit takes on major mommy topics such as exhaustion, anxiety, and emotional pain, and uses uplifting quotes, poetic verse, and life experiences to coach moms to lead happier, stronger, and calmer lives. The author is an expert at turning lemons into lemonade. She has the daring and determination to spin negatives into positives and the good sense and insight to craft silver linings around difficult circumstances. Orit encourages single moms to seize control of their own and their children’s lives now, and to realize that happiness is within their reach.

About the Author

Author Orit Sutton offers practical advice and tends to maternal souls through uplifting writings that reflect her own parenting experiences. Sutton was born in Jerusalem, Israel and moved to London when she was one year old. Her passion for creative expression extends to her work as a choreographer, director, and dance instructor. Orit lives with her daughter in South East London, England.